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Get answers to your one-off questions

Summary Legal Advice

Get answers to your one-off questions

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Respond to criminal charges and allegations

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Represent yourself with confidence

Victims Of Crime

Understanding your rights and options for accountability

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Questions & Answers

Is Butterfly Legal a law firm?

Not quite. Butterfly Legal is an online service that makes it easy to access legal advice in British Columbia by providing information, self-help resources and a seamless connection to a practicing, licensed lawyer.

Will I meet with a lawyer directly?

You bet. Your lawyer will be licensed by the Law Society of British Columbia to practice.

Is Butterfly Legal available outside British Columbia?

Not yet. For now, the lawyers we work with are only licensed to practice in British Columbia. You don’t need to be physically in BC when you meet with your lawyer, but the legal issue should have a connection to BC.

Will my lawyer keep our discussions confidential?

Absolutely. Lawyers are bound by the BC Code of Professional Conduct to maintain strict confidentiality except in very rare circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns about confidentiality please let us know.

Can I do my own research?

You bet. Here (hyperlink to Resources page) you can find some resources to get started.

Where can I get help with a family law issue?
I have questions. How can I reach you?

Email us at support@butterflylegal.ca any time!

Free Public Legal Education Resources

In addition to our services, we provide free online resources to help with your legal battles


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