Criminal Defense

Allegations and evidence

The criminal justice system is meant to uphold public safety and order by punishing offenders and incentivizing rehabilitation. Not all wrongdoing is criminal, and not all allegations are supported by the evidence. A criminal defence lawyer’s job is act as a check on the enormous power wielded by police and prosecutors by carefully reviewing the evidence, helping our clients understand the jeopardy that they face so they can make informed decisions, and represent them in court.

Many people charged with a crime in BC qualify for free legal representation by Legal Aid BC. For those that don’t, or for those who have not been charged with an offence but are concerned that they may be in the future, we offer criminal defence consultations. We can help you understand the criminal justice process, review the Crown’s evidence, and prepare you to represent yourself at trial, a sentencing hearing, or other court proceeding.

We do not offer full-service representation, and we do not attend court with you or for you. We can not assist those currently in custody.

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